Highlights of our 2019 Women Returners Conference

“After attending this event, I have gone from hopeless to dynamic, with a clear mission of returning to work.” 2019 Attendee

Watch our 2019 Women Returners Conference Video:

“The conference was thought provoking and energising and a great reminder that women who have had career breaks are a hugely untapped but valuable market and that it is possible to get back into the workplace.”

“Absolutely inspiring event, with the blend of positive and practical. Great job on putting together such a wonderfully useful day”

“After 18 years at home I no longer feel so lost at sea. I’ve a lot of work to do but I feel buoyed up now on this journey.”

“After the Conference, my ‘To Do’ list got longer, but hope is restored and my motivation levels are high!”

“After 8 years at home this event felt like a very supportive network and has more than fulfilled my expectations.”

“Women Returners has offered me a lifeline as I embark on my return to work. I feel energised and hopeful that a job is waiting for me”

“It was a superb and much needed event, with an optimal balance and coverage of subjects. You provided an invaluable tool-kit to women like me.”

“Brilliant, brilliant conference. It had never occurred to me how many skills I have developed in numerous voluntary community roles “