Highlights of our 2016 Women Returners Conference

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"Brilliant, a belief shifting event. I arrived feeling a lot of too - too old, too out of touch, too long a gap, too unwanted and left with all of those reversed, brimming with possibilities. Thank you."
2016 Conference Attendee

“Jane Garvey was a wonderful key note speaker who made me feel immediately at ease with her natural warmth and sage advice.”

“The speakers and the themes discussed were so relevant to the challenges we all face at this point in our life and they have all personally helped me to understand better the insecurities and challenges that we all face.”

“The panelists brought a valuable personal perspective to the Conference. Their individual experiences of returning to work after extended career breaks gave me something tangible to relate to.”

“I was particularly encouraged by Brenda Trenowden’s strength of positivity as an advocate for women in business.  It was a most fitting keynote end to the conference and I was left feeling empowered and optimistic.”

“Attending the conference has really motivated me to act – more importantly it has given me back my self belief and confidence that I really can go back to a professional role”

“It was especially reassuring to hear that these inspirational women had once experienced similar inhibitions about returning to work but had overcome them.”

“Julianne’s confidence and encouragement are inspirational in helping so many of us overcome the fear of returning to work”

“Brilliant, brilliant conference. It had never occurred to me how many skills I have developed in numerous voluntary community roles “