Women in Cyber

Career conversion for women to enter cyber security

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Location: Bristol

Start date: Autumn 2018

Programme: Free training programme followed by employment

Women in Cyber is a Department of Culture, Media and Sport sponsored 10-12 week training programme that converts candidates into an entry-level cyber security professional, with employment guaranteed before training starts.

New research predicts that women will make up only 20 percent of the global cyber security workforce in 2018. To address this problem, Protection Group International (PGI), supported by Hawker Chase, has designed the Women in Cyber Programme. This enables women to convert their aptitude and current skillset into cyber security. No experience or background is necessary, and it involves a fast track to employment with a guaranteed job at the end.

They are not just looking for graduates, but all returners and career changers; all women with or without a STEM or other technical experience who have the aptitude that emerges in the diagnostic online and face to face selection process. All the knowledge needed is taught for a successful career in the lucrative cyber security industry. No prior cyber security knowledge is needed, just an aptitude for this kind of work, an ambition to work in the sector and a willingness to learn.

How the Programme Works

  1. Target candidates who are women from a technical and non-technical background who want to become cyber security professionals.
  2. Target employers who are looking to hire cyber security professionals.
  3. Online selection process gauging the suitability of candidates for Cyber Security careers.
  4. Further assessment and an interview, leading to an offer of employment by the partner employers.
  5. Candidate completion of a 10-12 week cyber security training programme, with an all-women cohort, options for some home learning and targeted child care support available.
  6. Subsequent deployment within employers as Information Security Specialists, Governance, Regulation and Compliance officers, SOC analysts and Penetration Testers.

Guaranteed Job

Employment for the candidates who successfully pass the selection process begins before the training starts. On completion of the training programme they will move into operational roles within the companies. The employers will maintain engagement with the candidates throughout the training programme.


This initiative is supported by the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Apply for the Women in Cyber Programme

Please send your CV to clientservices@pgitl.com and a member of the team will be in touch. Please apply as soon as possible.

If you would like more details about the project, please visit the website: https://www.pgitl.com/training/women-in-cyber