Tiffany, Skanska Return to Work Programme

I am a structural engineer with a background in the commercial property sector, working on the design of high-rise buildings. I began my career in my home country, Australia, and later worked in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Before joining Skanska, I took a six-year break to raise my young children. During this time, I completed an MBA and the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) examinations, in order to progress my career in anticipation of my return to work.

I’ve now been in the UK for three years and recently came across Women Returners, an initiative that caters for people like me who have taken a career break but are determined to re-establish their professional identity. Skanska looked like the kind of place that valued broad experience and where I could apply my skills.

I joined Skanska’s Return to work programme in September and after three months became a permanent employee as a Sub Agent in the Wessex Capacity Alliance. Through the programme I received a personalised introduction to the company as well as access to coaching which really helped me transition back to work.