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TechSwitch Re-training Programme

Location: London

Programme: 12-weeks training programme followed by an 18-month placement in industry

Start Date: May 2020 (with further cohorts throughout the year)

TechSwitch’s mission is to provide people from all walks of life with the opportunity to become expert Software Developers. Their training bootcamp will help you expand your horizons, learn new skills and feel supported entering a new industry even if you’ve never written a line of code!

Thanks to the TechSwitch programme, you can retrain as a software engineer on their 12-week bootcamp. Once you complete the course, they’ll help find you an 18-month industry placement.

On a mission to diversify tech

They are passionate about closing the diversity gap within the tech sector and want to make sure that anyone who wants to become a software developer has the opportunity, regardless of their background. This is why they provide a course which requires no previous experience with software development and then get you your first step on the career ladder as a software developer, all the while supported by TechSwitch.


Who it’s for

TechSwitch is for people from any background who want to make the move into the tech sector.

For example, you might be…

Techswitch understand that returning to work and career-switching can be daunting, which is why they are there to support you all the way with a dedicated mentor throughout your training and placement.

What you get from TechSwitch

Why TechSwitch?

You’ll learn first-hand what it takes to build software that can change lives and improve the world we live in.

And you’ll be in good company. TechSwitch have almost 20 years’ experience in training people to become outstanding software engineers who have gone on to work for organisations such as Google DeepMind, Anthony Nolan, Square Enix and END. Menswear

How to apply

Please upload your CV and cover letter here for the May cohort.

Closing date for applications is 10 April 2020.

With any questions on the programme, please email or you can contact the Course Manager directly at