Luxury Brand Project Manager – Ireland

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Who is Steamline Luggage?

Steamline Luggage is a small business, founded in 2005 by CEO Sara Banks. They have a full time team of 3 and work remotely selling handcrafted suitcases to a primarily American market through their e-commerce website, Creating the world’s most beautiful suitcases is their passion. They make what they love and love what they do.Suitcase

What are they offering?

A permanent role that is flexible, part-time and can expand to as big as your ambition. If you have the skills that can help grow the company,  you will be rewarded financially and otherwise for what you bring to the table. The core Steamline team is based in Dublin but as the role involves remote working, being located elsewhere is possible.

What will you be good at?

They’re looking for someone with project management skills. You will have to demonstrate why you are motivated and why you are organised. As this job offers a lot of freedom you will have to prove how you can work without someone standing over you. This job is the epitome of self-motivation.

Extra Amazing 
It would be extra amazing if you have:
– A background in e-commerce or digital marketing
– Like reading books on business (let us know what you have read)
– Speak Chinese (but don’t worry if you don’t…perfect English will do)


Negotiable – they will build the role around the most successful candidate. The way they are going to structure the job will depend on your experience.

How to apply

Send your CV and a cover letter to Mark at

When applying for this position – please do not just send a generic email with your CV. They would like to see a custom cover letter letting them know why you would like this specific job. And beyond that they would also like you to reference some of the points in the description above, including your self-motivation. Sell yourself to them and they promise they will listen.