Success Stories: Returning to Previous Field

Returning to teaching (4 year break including studying)

Lowri, Head of English

Returning to financial services (7 year break)

» Teni, Investment Manager

Returning to tax accounting (3 year break)

» Charlotte’s Story

Returning to architecture (5 year break)

» Juliet: Architect

Returning to architecture (2 year break)

» Grazyna: Architect

Returning to financial accounting (2.5 year break)

» Julia: Finance Director

Returning to mobile phone technology (11 year break)

» Nina, Mobile Technology Specialist

Returning to scientific research (3 year break)

» Camilla, Research scientist

Returning to law (12 year break including career change)

» Jill, in-house lawyer

Returning to software development (14 year break, on and off)

» M, PeopleSoft software developer

Returning to business modelling and process improvement (18 month break)

» Simone, Business Improvement manager

Returning to occupational psychology (6 year break)

» Fiona, Assessment Centre manager

Returning to investment banking (5 year break)

» Victoria, City banker

Returning to magazine editing (6 year break)

» Olga, Financial sub-editor

Returning to law (10 year break)

» Fiona, Solicitor: Moving from the City to a local firm

Returning to insurance (via nursery teaching) (2+ year break)

» Nicola, Insurance broker: Back to being me

Returning to Equity Analysis (4 year break)

» Andrea, Senior Investment Analyst, Asset Management

Returning to Law (various breaks or 2 or more years)

» Amy, Solicitor: Return to Law in the City, finding new opportunities

Returning to Financial Services (3 year break)

» Jane: Return to Financial Services