Success Stories: Returning to Previous Field

Returning to Medicine (12 year break)

»Rachel, Specialist Registrar, Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology

Returning to Law (8 year break)

» Virginia, Legal Counsel

Returning to Accountancy and Project Management (5 year+ break)

»Jackie, Managing Director

Returning to Research (5 year break)

»Morag, Research Associate

Returning to research in computer sciences (4 year break)

»Abir, Computer Scientist

Returning to engineering consultancy (13 year break)

»Sarah, Principal Environmental Consultant

Returning to teaching (4 year break including studying)

»Lowri, Head of English

Returning to financial services (7 year break)

» Teni, Investment Manager

Returning to tax accounting (3 year break)

» Charlotte’s Story

Returning to architecture (5 year break)

» Juliet: Architect

Returning to architecture (2 year break)

» Grazyna: Architect

Returning to financial accounting (2.5 year break)

» Julia: Finance Director

Returning to mobile phone technology (11 year break)

» Nina, Mobile Technology Specialist

Returning to scientific research (3 year break)

» Camilla, Research scientist

Returning to law (12 year break including career change)

» Jill, in-house lawyer

Returning to software development (14 year break, on and off)

» M, PeopleSoft software developer

Returning to business modelling and process improvement (18 month break)

» Simone, Business Improvement manager

Returning to occupational psychology (6 year break)

» Fiona, Assessment Centre manager

Returning to investment banking (5 year break)

» Victoria, City banker

Returning to magazine editing (6 year break)

» Olga, Financial sub-editor

Returning to law (10 year break)

» Fiona, Solicitor: Moving from the City to a local firm

Returning to insurance (via nursery teaching) (2+ year break)

» Nicola, Insurance broker: Back to being me

Returning to Equity Analysis (4 year break)

» Andrea, Senior Investment Analyst, Asset Management

Returning to Law (various breaks or 2 or more years)

» Amy, Solicitor: Return to Law in the City, finding new opportunities

Returning to Financial Services (3 year break)

» Jane: Return to Financial Services