Location: London or Edinburgh

Start date: September 2018

Programme: 6 month returnship

Applications are now closed

Ofcom is partnering with Women Returners to offer a new Returners Programme which will support talented individuals back into work after an extended career break of two or more years.

About the Ofcom Returners Programme

The programme offers successful applicants a paid placement of 6 months, with the possibility of transitioning into a permanent role. Roles are based predominantly in London, and there is also the opportunity to be based in Edinburgh. A range of flexible working options are available, dependent on the role.

Ofcom has a wide range of mid to senior level roles available for experienced professionals.  You will be placed in an area which matches your professional experience. To support you back into the workplace, you will receive coaching from Women Returners, a mentor from within Ofcom and opportunities to network across the organisation.  You will receive a competitive package of pay and benefits during the programme.

About Ofcom

Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK. It regulates the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed-line telecoms (phones), mobiles and postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate. Ofcom makes sure that people in the UK get the best from their communications services and are protected from scams and sharp practices, while ensuring that competition can thrive. Its duty to further the interests of citizens and of consumers, where appropriate by promoting competition, is at the heart of everything Ofcom do. Right now, people are changing their attitudes and preferences, and transformative technology is changing our experience and expectations of communications. This is an exciting time to be at the heart of this fast-moving sector.

Ofcom’s aim is to empower colleagues to undertake interesting and important work and they are committed to investing and supporting people to achieve their full potential. Ofcom’s culture is centred around four key values: Excellence, Collaboration, Agility and Empowerment. Ofcom promotes a work-life balance and encourages colleagues to work in a flexible way that balances both organisational and individual needs. Having recently moved to a new agile environment, Ofcom employees work in a way that suits them and which delivers excellent results.

Who Ofcom is looking for

Ofcom is keen to hear from candidates who have had a career break of at least two years, with experience in any or a number of the following areas:

The following gives more details about the teams at Ofcom and the key skills they are looking for. Ofcom will consider where best to situate your placement, based on your skills, once they have met you. If your interest is in one or more specific areas, please explain that in your covering letter.

Policy teams: Policy, economics, consulting, strategy, industry experience, law

Policy professionals work in many different teams across Ofcom, as policy-making is a vital part of what Ofcom does.  It involves understanding a problem that people are experiencing and designing routes to solve it. They use a wide range of regulatory levers and influence government and industry stakeholders. Ofcom know that great policy-making involves working together to pool expertise and ideas to get the best result.

Technology teams: Primarily technology, engineering, industry experience. Strategy and policy an advantage

The technology teams work on understanding the impact of technology developments and providing vital technology input into wider policy development. They deliver technology research and design and technical services. Much of their technology work concerns spectrum and mobile technology. For example, Ofcom is responsible for releasing unused spectrum, which involves considerable work to understand and manage interference risks.

Competition team: Economics, economic regulation, consulting, accountancy, industry experience, law

Healthy market competition is a core objective for Ofcom in the fast-moving communications industries. Ofcom shapes the rules of competition to make communications work for everyone. Their competition teams are involved in projects across the telecoms, post and broadcasting sectors.

Economics teams: Primarily economics and economic regulation, but all other experience/skills an advantage

Economists at Ofcom help ensure their policies have a sound economic foundation and deliver real, long term impact in what is an increasingly important and dynamic sector for consumers and companies. Their economists work collaboratively with lawyers, technical experts, accountants and policy specialists.

Strategy team: Strategy, policy, economics, consulting, industry experience

The Strategy team lead a small number of major projects which are expected to have a significant impact in areas of strategic importance. They are responsible for Ofcom’s strategic thinking on the communications sectors and monitoring future regulatory changes.

Communications team: Communications, PR, web and digital design, stakeholder management

This team explains Ofcom’s work to the outside world, as well as managing its internal communications.  The media and corporate relations team ensures that people, businesses, the media, advocacy groups and financial communities understand what Ofcom does, why they do it and how it affects them. They apply shrewd judgement and initiative to shape and influence opinions in the modern news environment.

The digital and creative team run the Ofcom website and shape its development for the benefit of all its users. They ensure the design solutions are right and help the organisation understand its user needs. The team ensure the website is running at its optimum and their publishing activity is delivered in an efficient and effective way.

To Apply

To apply to the Ofcom Returners Programme please upload your CV and cover letter here.

Ofcom would like your covering letter to highlight your experience and motivations for joining the Ofcom Returners programme. If you have a preference for a certain job area please highlight this in your covering letter.

Closing date for applications: 15th June 2018 (extended)

Once applications have been received and reviewed you may be invited for interview in late June or early July.

If you have any questions please email putting ‘Ofcom Returners’ in the subject box