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Women Returners is partnering with M&G Investments, a leading international asset manager, to provide an innovative supported hiring initiative enabling talented professionals who have taken an extended career break to return to their professional careers.

M&G is actively highlighting roles where the business would welcome applications from people who have taken an extended career break. Successful candidates who have taken a career break for 2+ years will receive individual coaching from Women Returners, internal mentoring and focused training to support their transition back to the corporate workforce.

To Apply

To see the current roles available, see Career Returners jobs. Do tell M&G that you heard about the roles through Women Returners and state that you have had an extended career break to make sure that you receive the coaching support. For information on the M&G Career Returners programme & how to apply see the Career Returners page on the M&G Careers website.

About M&G

M&G is known for its long-term and conviction-led approach to investing. They have been an active manager of investments for individual and institutional clients for over 80 years. They employ more than 1,500 people worldwide, operating from across Europe and Asia. They take pride in attracting, developing and retaining people of the highest calibre.

M&G aims to create an environment where returning professionals can reach their potential, both personally and professionally. They recognise that a good work-life balance is important to many returners and, wherever possible, may be able to offer a variety of flexible working arrangements; examples might include part-time working, term-time working and informal home working. They also encourage networking, information sharing and learning and development opportunities.