Macquarie Returner Programme 2017


Macquarie Group is partnering with Women Returners to launch the second Macquarie Returner Programme, an opportunity for returning professionals to re-integrate into the financial services sector. Participants will work full-time over the 12 week paid programme, which starts in September 2017, gaining valuable experience and insight into their chosen business area.

To read about the experiences of two of the 2016 Macquarie Returner Programme participants see Carolyne’s story and Gemma’s story.

Who are they looking for?

To be successful you will:

The following business groups are available on the Returner Programme:

Within the business groups, opportunities are also available for individuals with transferable skills, such as legal, business management and operational risk backgrounds.

What They Offer

As a Returner, you will be an integral part of the team from day one.

This is an opportunity to re-integrate yourself in the financial services sector. You will work full-time over the 12 week programme, gaining valuable experience and insight into your chosen business area. After an in-depth induction, you’ll be working closely with the team enabling you to work on projects that match your skills and experience.

On this programme you will:

About Macquarie

Macquarie Group (Macquarie) is a leading provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Their culture is based on finding opportunities where they can create value for clients.

Macquarie’s 47 years of unbroken profitability is built on the three principles of opportunity, accountability and integrity. They attract people who think differently and take ownership of what they do. This entrepreneurial drive and accountability is at the heart of their culture.

Founded in 1969, Macquarie employs more than 14,000 staff across 28 countries. Their unique structure and management style gives the businesses operating freedom balanced by limits on risk and observance at the highest professional standards. This has been a key to Macquarie’s success.

How to apply?

To find out more and to apply, please visit Macquarie Returner Programme

All candidates will be required to submit a covering letter and CV, indicating the business groups &/or areas of Macquarie they are interested in working in. Apply by Wednesday 31 May 2017. Please state that you found out about the programme from Women Returners.

For any queries, please contact