J.P. Morgan ReEntry Program EMEA 2020

Location: Bournemouth, Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, London and Luxembourg

Start date: March 2020 (Insight Events London 30 September, Bournemouth 2 October)

Programme: 14 week returnship (and Insight Events)

J.P. Morgan has launched the fifth EMEA intake of the J.P. Morgan ReEntry Program. J.P. Morgan recognises that rewarding careers do not always follow a conventional route and values the diversity, fresh perspective and wealth of experience that returning professionals can bring.

The 14 week paid non-rotational program will run in London, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Luxembourg and Geneva from March 2020 to June 2020 and consists of networking, skills sessions, learning and development opportunities, on-the-job training, coaching and developmental experiences.

J.P. Morgan is partnering with Women Returners to host two Insight Events for the Program in September and October 2019, to provide information and support to applicants.

The ReEntry Program

What are they offering?

Depending on your area of expertise, you’ll work on real-life projects that reintroduce you to the firm and prepare you for your next position. You’ll network with management while learning about the businesses and operations.

The first week of the program is dedicated to learning and development. You’ll update your professional and technical skills, and will receive the support and guidance you need to resume your career. The Program receives senior business level support and you will be paired with mentors and ReEntry alumni, who will help you integrate into the firm. J.P. Morgan’s goal is to place high-performing participants who successfully complete the program into full-time positions with the firm.

Who are they looking for?

The Insight Events

JP Morgan is partnering with Women Returners to host two insight events for the fourth EMEA intake of the ReEntry Program:

London – 30 September 2019 (09:00-14:00) Applications closed

Bournemouth – 2 October 2019 (09:30-15:00)

These events provide information and support to applicants who meet the Program eligibility criteria. You will have the opportunity to explore the program through panel sessions and networking with current J.P. Morgan employees, including alumni of the previous programs. You will also participate in a coaching workshop with Women Returners to help you to develop your self-marketing skills for CVs and interviews.

The events will run at J.P. Morgan’s offices. Please note that it is not a requirement to attend an event in order to apply for the Program.

How to apply for the ReEntry Program and the Insight Events

For more information and to apply for the Insight Events see:

London Insight Event  Applications closed

Bournemouth Insight Event 

Apply asap for the Insight Events as space is limited.

For more information on the ReEntry Program, see here. To apply for the ReEntry Program see the role listing here. Applications will close on 15 November 2019.

For any queries, please email Reentry.emea@jpmorgan.com

Please highlight that you found the opportunity through Women Returners