Women Returners Events

2018 Women Returners Events

17 January 2018 Returners to Financial Services Scotland launch event, Edinburgh

18 January 2018 Returners to Financial Services Scotland launch event, Glasgow

18 January 2018, Free Webinar. How to Use and Optimise LinkedIn when Returning to Work. Co-hosted by Victoria McLean of City CV.

23 January 2018 Agility and Career Management, INSEAD Alumni Association London. Julianne will be a panelist at this event (INSEAD alumni only)

31 January 2018 Reboot: Rediscover your career mojo London. Julianne will be speaking at this event being hosted by Good Housekeeping.

15 March 2018, Free Webinar.  How to win at Interview. Co-hosted by Victoria McLean of City CV.

2016-2017 Women Returners Events

5th December 2017, Free Webinar.  How to create a winning CV. Co-hosted by Victoria McLean of City CV.

20th November 2017. Women Returners Conference 2017, London. Our flagship conference with return-to-work workshops, returner employers, networking & more. See here for details.

1st November 2017, Free Webinar.  How to Win at Interview.  Co-hosted by Victoria McLean of City CV.

9th October 2017, London. NAWIC Returning to Work in Construction event. Co-hosted by NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) and Women Returners.

28th September 2017, London. National Conference for Women in Project Management.

19th September 2017. Restart Your Career in the Investment and Savings Industry, London. Free event with the Diversity Project and Women Returners.

13th September – 4th October 2017.  Career Boost: Online Group Return-to-work Coaching Programme. More details here.

23rd May 2017, 12.30-1.30 GMT. FREE LinkedIn Webinar: in partnership with City CV.

12th May 2017. Women’s Engineering Society Annual Conference, Get Connected: Empowering Women and Enriching Careers. Including a session by Women Returners.

11th May 2017. Women in Journalism: Fifty – a dangerous age for journalists? Julianne was a panel member for this discussion

9th May 2017. 30% Club Automotive Learning Group. Julianne spoke about returnships for the automotive sector.

25th January 2017, 12.30-1.30 GMT. FREE Webinar: Interviewing Skills for Women Returning to Work, in partnership with City CV

29th Nov 2016. Women Returners Scotland Launch event. We held our first Women Returners Scotland event at Standard Life’s office in Edinburgh.

14th Nov 2016. Women Returners Conference 2016. We ran our first Women Returners Conference at One Moorgate in Central London. See here for highlights of the day.

29th Sept 2016. FREE Webinar “How to use and optimise LinkedIn when returning to work”, partnering with City CV.

3rd Oct 1996. ICAEW, London. Self-marketing: building your personal brand. ICAEW Comeback Community members only

20th June 2016. Creating the right mindset for a successful return to work. We ran a London-based workshop as part of our programme of events for the ICAEW Comeback Community

26th May 2016. Equate Scotland Women Returners STEM event, Edinburgh. Julianne spoke on ‘The Future of Returnships’

14th May 2016. Mumsnet Workfest 2016, London. We ran a Kickstart your Return to Work workshop at this annual event on women and work

28th April 2016.  Trinity Returners Event, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Julianne spoke on returning to work and UK returner programmes.

14th April 2016.  Create Your New Career Direction. Julianne ran a workshop for the ICAEW Comeback Community

1st March 2016.  CV Webinar in conjunction with City CV. Katerina & City CV advised on preparing a return to work CV.

27th January 2016. Katerina and Julianne ran a workshop on “Returning to work after an extended career break” at an event hosted by the Really Helpful Club, a SW London women’s network

2015 Women Returners Events 

18th November 2015. Returners information session. Katerina spoke to members of Outpost about Women Returners’ resources for getting back to work

11th November 2015. Sustaining a high-flying career. INSEAD alumni event with panel including Julianne discussing taking a career break

1st October 2015. LinkedIn and your return to work. We presented a workshop for ICAEW Comeback Community members

25 June 2015.  Preparing for your Return to Work.  Julianne presented a workshop for ICAEW Comeback Community members

18 June 2015. London Technology Week. A Celebration of Diversity.  Benefits of returners for business

23 June 2015. Women’s Engineering Society Conference: Engineering Women – Are they returning to work? Returnships: Context, Benefits & a Case Study

9 June 2015. Old Pauline/Paulina Business Breakfast. Returnships and other routes back to work after a career break

10 June 2015CFA UK Women’s Network event. Maternity Leave and Returning to Work. Panel discussion

3rd June 2015. Citymothers/Back to the City. Returning to Work after a Career Break. Women Returners workshop

16 May 2015. Mumsnet Workfest, London.  We ran a Kickstart your Return to Work workshop

12 May 2015. How to Make Law Work for You, London. Workshop by LOD (Lawyers On Demand) and Women Returners

30 April 2015. Regaining your Professional Confidence.  We ran a workshop for ICAEW Comeback Community members

30 April 2015. Business Forum. RIBA panel on how architecture practices can develop talented staff

24 March 2015. Career Restart Workshop for MBAs hosted by Women Returners at London Business School

2011-14 Women Returners Events 

18th Sept 2014. Return to Work event by West London Mums & The London Mothers’ Club, Chiswick

7th June 2014.  Mumsnet Workfest.  London.  2 workshops: “Returning to Work after an Extended Career Break” & “Fears, Doubts & Overcoming Guilt”.

21st – 22nd February 2014.  Work & Family Show.  London ExCEL. “Learn to juggle and ditch the guilt.” We spoke and participated in a panel discussion about freeing ourselves from working mother guilt.

10th September 2013. Return to Work workshop, Wimbledon. “Developing your new career direction.” Workshop for women considering returning to work after a career break.

23rd June 2013. Warwick Professional Women’s Group, London. “Options to relaunch your career.” Event for alumni of Warwick Business School and University.

21st June 2013. CCS Alumni workshop, London. “Coaching for women returners.” Workshop for experienced coaches on coaching women returning to work after a career break.

21st November 2012. TrainE-TraidE Women in the Workplace Conference, London. “Back to your Future.” Regaining confidence and finding your new direction

27th March 2012. Working Mums Live Event, Business Design Centre, London. “Return to work.” Workshop on overcoming career blockers and creating a personal pitch

20th March 2012. iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. London Business School. Julianne & Katerina provided UK support

8th November 2011. Working Mums Live Event. Lowry Centre, Manchester. “Return to work.” Workshop on overcoming career blockers and creating a personal pitch

8th March 2011. Working Mums Live Event. Business Design Centre, London. “Return to work.” Regaining confidence and excelling at interviews