Ireland & Rest of Europe Returner Opportunities

You can find opportunities for returning professionals below (see our Returner Programme Dictionary for explanations). We’ve included past programmes for reference as many are run on an annual basis. Sign up to our network to be personally emailed about our new partner programmes/roles.  Do tell the company that you found the programme through Women Returners.

Returnship & Returner Programmes/Roles – Applications open

Steamline Admin & Customer Service, Dublin, Ireland. Direct hire role. Apply by Friday 1 June 2018

Fidelity Investments Resume Programme, Dublin & Galway, Ireland. Supported hiring into permanent roles. Apply asap

Medtronic Return to Work Programme, Galway, Ireland. 6 month returnship, starting September 2018. Apply by 7 July 2018

UBS Career Comeback, Zurich, Switzerland. Supported hiring programme into permanent roles. Start 17 September 2018. Apply asap

Ongoing: Vodafone ReConnect, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania. Supported hiring programme, flexible start dates. Ongoing application process.

Returner Programmes (now closed)

Fidelity Investments Resume – Return to Work Event, Dublin, 15 March 2018.

HubSpot Return & Renew Programme, Dublin.  20 week returnship, starting April 2018.

Fidelity New Horizons, Dublin. 20 week returnship, starting January 2018.

Mastercard Relaunch your Career, Dublin. 12 week returnship, starting January 2018.

UBS Career Comeback, Zurich. Supported hiring returner programme, starting 18 September 2017.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Returning Talent Programme Dublin, Ireland. 2 day conference 24 & 25 May 2017.

Credit Suisse Real Returns, Zurich. 4 month returnship.

UBS Career Comeback, Zurich. Supported hiring programme starting 19th September 2016.