This is some of the feedback that our coaches have received:

Return to Work

My coach surpassed herself – in terms of commitment to my future, facilitating ideas and eliciting creative solutions to that perennial feminine re-invention trope.  Her coaching style is professional, warm, compassionate and supportive.   She is utterly committed to you as a client and a woman.  This is invaluable when re-fashioning a professional identity because as  a woman of a certain age, I could not afford to make an error.  My coach understood how much was at stake during this process and yet she never, once, influenced my thinking. She expertly guided and supported, so that I left each session feeling utterly validated…and empowered.  Thanks to my coach!

I was delighted with the return to work career coaching that I received from Women Returners. Seeking this support proved pivotal to my professional reinvention process. Having recently completed a doctorate I realised that sadly constricted academic opportunities in my field would exclude the post I had long cherished.  My coach, who has a distinguished HR pedigree,  was professional, engaged and energised.  She provided valuable opportunities for me to honestly examine (and acknowledge) my repertoire of interpersonal skills while encouraging me to value my previous professional history.  While of course, I generated the self-scrutiny and appraisal during this process, my epiphany concerning the complexion of my future identity (training as an ICF professional coach) would never have materialised without my wonderfully committed coach. Thank you, Women Returners, for giving me the confidence to re-invent myself and the conviction that not only am I worth something, but that I still have much to offer the world.  It is a wonderfully empowering legacy to take with me into my new coaching practice.

I was very pleased with the programme.  I had been hesitant about spending so much money but it was really worthwhile and really hastened my return to work.  It met my objectives fully, partly because my coach had encouraged me to think carefully about what they were before we started. My coach helped me to understand and recognise my skills, to assess what I actually wanted from work, and really improved my self confidence.  She also gave me lots of really useful advice for my CV and cover letters.  She gave me hints about networking and pursuing job opportunities.I found the sessions very much more helpful than I had anticipated and my life has really changed since.

I am a partner at a law firm, with 15 years corporate finance experience and am also the mother of two young children.  I have recently moved back to London after 10 years abroad.  Due to family illness, I was looking for a change in direction, but was not clear as to how best to go about this and how to focus my endeavours, particularly given my absence from the London market and the seemingly wide range of possible roles to explore.  Over three months, my coach equipped me with the tools to focus my efforts, and to best manage change and navigate difficult situations.  She also helped me to analyse myself, my priorities and my ambitions – both personal and professional – giving me greater self-awareness, insight and confidence when approaching meetings, interviews, networking and family life.  My coach was also very easy to talk to, and good at asking questions and giving me exercises which made me think and see things from a different perspective.

It has made a real difference to my confidence and helped me clarify my career goals and come up with realistic steps.It has helped me to look in detail at my values and expectations regarding work. This exercise has, in turn, helped me realise how much I have changed and the activities I used to focus on are no longer relevant. It has been a supportive process of self-reflection with a lot suggestions and information to support my search for a career direction.

The coaching has provided the insight and self-awareness to recognise my skills and strengths and how to position them on a CV. It has also equipped to me to focus on work opportunities where I could enjoy working at my very best. It has fulfilled my main objective of being able to talk confidently about myself following my career break.

CV review

We had an excellent session and my coach has really helped me produce a quality CV.

It helped me write a CV after not having written one for 20 years. It helped to separate the fluff from the results.

Returnship coaching

I did not know what to expect, and frankly, I didn’t have any objectives beyond showing up because that is what was required of me.  I found it to be challenging, but I feel I gained much more than I imagined possible.

The coaching helped me to define myself and to find strengths that I didn’t realise I had.  I am more self-aware than I was before.  It’s given me the opportunity to break out of old ways of thinking that haven’t been particularly useful.  It’s like a door has been cracked open, I just need to be brave enough to step through it. I feel I was “lifted over a hurdle,” that I kept bumping up against but could hardly see or comprehend.

My coach was both intelligent and kind.  I felt that she was compassionate with me, while still keeping us on track so that practical progress could be made.