Carmen, Macro-Economist: Morgan Stanley Return to Work Programme 

This Q&A was put together for our site and includes content from a recent (8/4/15) Woman’s Hour feature on returnships.

What were you doing prior to the ‘returnship’?

Why did you take time out of work?

Why did you take seven years out of work, even though the children were not babies at all?

How much did you miss work?

How did you approach your return to work?

Why did you choose to do a Return to Work programme?

How did it go?

Was the programme a success?

Was it very competitive?

Would you advice other people to join the Return to Work Programme?

Carmen’s Return to Work Programme ended with a publication on Sustainable Economics, titled ‘The Bitter Aftertaste of Sugar’, which addresses the implications on long-term economic growth of the rise in sugar consumption via its impact on health.