Career Change (no/limited retraining)

Acting to Journalism (15 year break)

»Katherine: Freelance Journalist

Investment Banking to Investment Management (8 year break)

» Rachel: Credit sales to portfolio manager

Architect to QA Manager, Architectural Recruitment (10 year break)

» Judith: Using professional experience, knowledge and skills in related field

Law to Management Consultancy (6 year break)

» Cheryl: Management Consultant PwC

Law to HR/CSR (6 year break)

» Stephanie: En route to a new career

City lawyer to HR development manager (8 year break)

» Julie, City Lawyer

 Solicitor to the charity sector

» Victoria: Solicitor to a Management Role in the Charity Sector

City Litigator to Senior Regulatory Adviser (8 year break)

» Kate: Senior adviser for a public healthcare regulator

 Marketing to Training/Facilitation (4 year break)

» Caroline B – Strategic volunteering as a route to new career

Consulting to Talent Manager (8 year break)

» Kirsty: Creating your own role

Career Change (retraining)

Commercial Property Law to Podiatry (2 year break)

»Gemma: Podiatrist

Civil Servant to Teaching

»AnneMarie: Secondary School Teacher

Healthcare to scientific publishing (7 year break)

» Helen: Running a care home to editing physics journals

Accounting to publishing (9 year break)

» Suzanne, MA Publishing Student: Getting Back to Me

Barrister to Secondary School teacher (11 year break)

» Alison: Secondary School English Teacher

Financial services to nutrition (8 year break)

» Caroline: Breaking out into a new area

Market research to further education teaching (5 year break)

» Emma: Market Research Consultant to English Teacher

Own Business

Travel product manager to  business consultancy director (8 year break)

» Nicolle, Co-director Business Clan

HR Director to Entrepreneur (6 year break)

» Barbara, Founder of the Doubleknot Company

Surveying to after-school club founder (7 year break)

» Alison, after-school club founder & manager: Setting up a business