Aviva Investors Return to Work Programme 2020

Applications have now closed

Location: London

Start date: January 2020

Programme: 6 month returnship

If you’re ready to return to work in the investment sector after a career break and you’re actively looking for your next challenge, then the Aviva Investors Return to Work Programme could be the answer. After the success of last year’s programme, Aviva is excited to run the programme for a second year, with potential opportunities targeting experienced professionals looking to return to work after an extended career break of 2 or more years. They are fully committed to agile working and are happy to explore flexible working options with any applicant.

The Aviva Investors Return to Work Programme is a tailored six month initiative for finance professionals (with the potential to lead to more permanent opportunities).

What you can expect

What Aviva would like from you

Aviva is looking for people who have a background in Financial Services or Asset Management, with experience in one or more of the following areas:

They value:

More about Aviva Investors

Aviva Investors is an asset management company, part of the Aviva group, with global assets under management of over £457 Billion, including equities, fixed income, investment solutions, multi-asset, and property investments.

The future is full of questions. They believe in the power of integration to defy uncertainty, creating opportunity and providing investors with confidence in their investment decisions and outcomes. That’s why they integrate their whole business around their clients – the outcomes they want, the values they hold, the experience they’ll have when they invest with Aviva. Their unique approach centres around the following:

Their approach

Aviva only sees talent. By actively identifying, nurturing and rewarding people’s unique skills, they build a better working environment and a more effective and innovative service.

They believe a company that doesn’t welcome new ideas, skillsets, beliefs, cultures and ethnicities from different sectors cannot grow or adapt to global challenges. To them, the greater the diversity, the greater the business.

To encourage inclusivity in the investment industry, they are proud to be part of The Diversity Project, which aims to achieve diversity across gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic backgrounds, LGBTQ+, age and disability.  Their CEO, Euan Munro, sits on the advisory board and they are active members.

They believe that gender diversity is important for morale, productivity and performance across their business.  They have introduced equalised maternity and paternity leave across their organisation, and have a coaching programme for mothers and fathers taking leave.

To find out more

Applications close on 21st October 2019. All applications will be reviewed and applicants invited for interviews from end of October to November 2019. Offers will be made mid November, with the programme starting in January 2020.

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To find out more, or if you have any further questions, please email Aviva Investors at globalrecruitment@avivainvestors.com.