Back to Work Advice Hub

The following articles aim to guide you through the return to work journey, tackling the mental and the practical challenges, and covering everything from rebuilding your confidence, to deciding what to do next to writing a back-to-work CV. You can find many more advice-based articles on our Back to Your Future blog.

Access our 51 page A-Z Returner Toolkit developed in partnership with the Government Equalities Office and Timewise here: Returner Toolkit

Advice Articles

Advice from employers for returners

Advice from successful returners to work

I’ve been on a career break for 10 years – is it possible for me to return to work

Returnships aren’t just for mothers

Returner programme guidance – benefits for employers and returners

How to be a successful returner candidate

Three top tips for successful returners

Top tips from returner employers

How to write your New Year return-to-work action plan

10 Tips to get back to work after a career break

Return To Work after a Career Break: An 8 Step Guide for Stay-at-Home Mums

Re-building Professional Confidence

Boost your confidence for a successful return to work

Three strategies to help women achieve their full potential

How to look more confident than you really are

You’re not a fraud! Tackling Impostor Syndrome

Building Self-Efficacy – Believing that you can succeed

Body language -The two minute route to self-confidence

Just do it! Taking action to bring back your confidence

Kick-starting your Career Courage

Who am I anyway?

Promoting the experience that comes with age

Is it possible to return to work at 50+?

The value of older women to the workforce

Rebuilding your Professional Identity / Knowing your Strengths

Tackling fears about returning to work after a career break

Make stress your friend

Telling your story

What’s your USC (Unique Strengths Combination)?

Reconnecting with your Professional Self

Setting your career compass: identifying your strengths

Adopting the right mindset for your return to work

Are you your own worst enemy?

Staying on Track

How to Stay Motivated in your Return to Work Job Search

How to develop a growth mindset

Identifying your best return to work supporters?

Moving out of your return to work comfort zone

Deciding what to do next

5 tips for retraining during a career break

Too few choices: advice on identifying post-break options

Too many choices: how to focus

Family-friendly rather than fulfilling work?

How do you define success?

How to make time for your return to work job search

Routes back to work

Is a returnship right for me?

Returnship or supported hiring – choosing the best route for you

Five reasons why starting up a business is easier than you think

Routes back to work after a career break


Creating your own returnship

Starting your own service business

Building a Portfolio Career

Strategic Volunteering – Lending your skills to get ahead

How to creatively craft your next role

Thinking small: an alternative route back to work

Avoiding the Top 10 Return to Work Job Search mistakes

Ten Tips for Starting Up A Home Business

First steps towards a board role

How to set yourself up as a freelancer: practical matters

Improving networking skills

How to prepare for networking at a conference

How to map your network

Do I really have to network?

Top tips for Enjoyable Networking

Five ways to build your back to work networks

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of an Opportunity

Are you missing the point of networking at an event 

Writing your CV & cover letter

Make your CV stand out: Use Action Verbs

How to write your post-break CV

How to write a back-to-work cover letter

The ‘CV gap’ barrier: Evidence it exists & how to get over it

Return to work CV: ideas & tips

What about the gap in my CV?

Using LinkedIn & Social Media

How best to use LinkedIn

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

4 ways that social media can support your return to work

LinkedIn – an essential tool for your return to work

Dipping your toes in the social media pool

Preparing for Interviews

Salary levels and self-worth on your return to work

Six essential steps for successful interviewing

How to prepare for competency-based interviews

Responding to “You’re overqualified for the role”

How to shine in telephone interviews

How informational interviews can help with your return to work

The 5 steps to successfully negotiate your return-to-work role

What to Wear to Interviews

The Informational Interview – and how to approach it

Preparing practically for your return

Updating your digital toolkit for your return to work

Updating your wardrobe for your return to work

Advance preparation for your return to work

Preparing for your first months back at work

Returning after relocation

Returning to work after an international relocation: culture, language and identity

Routes back to work for expatriates: going independent

Developing sustainable Work- Life Balance

Changing the image of work-life balance

Creating your own work-life balance

Sharing is Caring: Job sharing as a supportive way to return to work

Returning to Work – Is there a Middle Ground?

Are you focusing on family-friendly rather than fulfilling work?

Are you trying to be a work-home Superhero?

Creating your work-life balance: energy matters as much as time

Finding & negotiating flexible work

How to Find a Part-time or Flexible Job

How do I find a high level flexible role?

Be flexible about flexibility

How to Negotiate Flexible Work

 Are there any senior level flexible jobs?

Can you do a senior level job share