Back to Work Advice

We have been writing our weekly Back to Your Future blog since December 2012. It includes over 160 articles with a range of advice and insight for returning professionals. We cover both the practical and the psychological issues women face when returning to work after a long break. These are some of our most popular posts:

Routes back to work

Ideas for routes back to work

Freelancing as a return-to-work option

How to create your own returnship

Lending your Skills to get Ahead – How to do ‘Strategic Volunteering’

Finding your way back through strategic volunteering

How to avoid the Top 10 Return to Work Job Search mistakes

Starting your own service business as a route back to work

Building a Portfolio Career

Ten Tips for Starting Up A Home Business

Unpacking your board-relevant skills: first steps towards a board role

How to set yourself up as a freelancer: practical matters

Returnships: what are they & where can you find them?

How to creatively craft your next role

Thinking small: an alternative route back to work

Return To Work after a Career Break: An 8 Step Guide for Stay-at-Home Mums


Do I really have to network?

Top tips for Enjoyable Networking

Five ways to build your back to work networks

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of an Opportunity

Are you missing the point of networking at an event 

Deciding what to do next

Too few choices: advice on identifying post-break options

Too many choices

Are you focusing on family-friendly rather than fulfilling work?

Setting your career compass:identifying your strengths

What does success mean to you?

CV Gap & Cover letters

The ‘CV gap’ barrier: Evidence it exists & how to get over it

How to write your post-break CV

Return to work CV: ideas & tips

How to write a back-to-work cover letter

What about the gap in my CV?

LinkedIn & Social Media

LinkedIn – an essential tool for your return to work

Dipping your toes in the social media pool


Six essential steps for successful interviewing

How to prepare for competency-based interviews

Responding to “You’re overqualified for the role”

How to shine in telephone interviews

How informational interviews can help with your return to work

The 5 steps to successfully negotiate your return-to-work role

What to Wear to Interviews

Tackling Guilt

How to avoid living with regrets

Tackling return-to-work fears and doubts: how to stop your brain getting in your way

How to Ditch the Guilt – Top Tips from Work+Family show

Are you worrying too much about returning to work?

Am I being a martyr?

Are ‘shoulds’ ruling your return-to-work decisions?

Do all working mothers have to feel guilty?

Am I being selfish by wanting to work?

Building Confidence

The Confidence Gap – and what to do about it

Are you your own worst enemy?

Where’s my confidence gone?

What mindset can help your return to work?

You’re not a fraud! Tackling Impostor Syndrome

How to make time for your return to work job search

Improve your return to work confidence 

Is it possible to return to work at 50+?

The two minute route to self-confidence

Take action to increase your return to work confidence

How to Build your Confidence & Courage

How to get past your barriers to Informational Interviews

Returning to Work 50+

Is it possible to return to work at 50+ after a career break?

The value of older women to the workforce

Am I too old to be employable?

Sources of Support

Who are your best return to work supporters?

Getting out of your return to work comfort zone

How to maintain your new year motivation

Rebuilding your Professional Identity / Knowing your Strengths

Telling your story

What’s your USC (Unique Strengths Combination)?

Who am I anyway?

Reconnecting with your Professional Self

Setting your career compass: identifying your strengths

Preparing for your Return

Advance preparation for your return to work

Preparing for your first months back at work


Returning to work after an international relocation: culture, language and identity

Routes back to work for expatriates: going independent

Work- Life Balance

Changing the image of work-life balance

Creating your own work-life balance

Sharing is Caring: Job sharing as a supportive way to return to work

Returning to Work – Is there a Middle Ground?

Are you focusing on family-friendly rather than fulfilling work?

Are you trying to be a work-home Superhero?

Creating your work-life balance: energy matters as much as time

Part-Time and Flexible Work

How to Find a Part-time or Flexible Job

How do I find a high level flexible role?

Be flexible about flexibility

How to Negotiate Flexible Work

 Are there any senior level flexible jobs?

Can you do a senior level job share